Everything Else Print Edition Price List (2021):

  • 12x18”, starting at $500.00 CAD (*stepped edition of 10 + 1 AP)
  • 24x36”, starting at $1200.00 CAD (*stepped edition of 5 + 1 AP)

See the full price list at the bottom of this page.


*What is a limited edition / what is a stepped limited edition?

In a limited edition, only a set amount of prints are ever made in each size. Generally, larger prints have fewer images in the edition.

In a stepped limited edition, subsequent prints increase in value accordingly.

For us, the introduction of artificial scarcity - treating each print as a unique and luxury item - allows us to put more care and attention to each print, and guarantees that the quality and quantity of images is as stated.

As a standard in the art world, we reserve the right to occasionally increase the price of remaining prints in the edition.

What is an AP?

An AP or artist proof is a print from an edition that the artist keeps. Artist proofs can be used as a reference for making more photographs of the same image, and can be used by an artist as an exhibition print.

Will my print be framed?

The prices quoted on this page are for unframed prints. There are many ways to frame your photograph. We generally recommend custom framing with or without a window mat*. We are more than happy to help you find the best method for mounting your print according to your needs.

If you are local to our area, we will personally deliver your unframed photograph at no cost. Outside our area, there is an additional fee for shipping and handling.

*Example Image with Frame and Window Mat, 24 x 36"

We hope you enjoyed reading this description of the work. Feel free to reach out if you have any needs for a hug. Hugs have been shown to increase oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the feel-good hormone/neurotransmitter, and is often experienced when falling in love, holding a smiling baby, or looking at one of our photographs :)

Contact us to book a studio viewing, or for any further questions. Thank you!

Full Price List:

24x36” - edition of 5 + 1AP:

  • Print #1: $1200.00 CAD
  • Print #2: $1350.00 CAD
  • Print #3: $1500.00 CAD
  • Print #4: $1750.00 CAD
  • Print #5: $2100.00 CAD

12x18” - edition of 10 + 1AP:

  • Print #1: $500.00 CAD
  • Print #2: $600.00 CAD
  • Print #3: $700.00 CAD
  • Print #4: $800.00 CAD
  • Print #5: $900.00 CAD
  • Print #6: $1000.00 CAD
  • Print #7: $1100.00 CAD
  • Print #8: $1200.00 CAD
  • Print #9: $1300.00 CAD
  • Print #10: $1400.00 CAD