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Book Walkthrough of Everything Else in the Universe: A Father-Son Road Trip (Published 2019)

"A father and son, photography in both their DNA as we witness in this extraordinary volume, take pictures. The journey serves as a rite of passage for the son, just as in the original Odyssey a son comes of age by helping his father.

We come close to the artists who forged the gift of this book, and closer to Creation, as a result of their work…

The ultimate effect of the adventure the authors invite us to share with them is to open the soul, in its nature no less spacious than the breathtaking vistas this talented duo present to us on page after page, and no less playful than the people they capture in their photos.

In short, this book is an inspiration. For me it led immediately to the thought that a journey with my adult children remains a possibility to be realized, that beholding together the miracles of Nature or the works of human beings could be a shared experience we could create. Will create."

- Dr. Gabor Maté, Renowned Author on Addiction, Stress and Child Development

Excerpt from Foreword by Dr. Gabor Maté and Daniel Maté

Spreads from the Book

This beautifully-printed book includes 100 photographs from our trip, words by us, and a Foreword by Dr. Gabor Maté and his son Daniel Maté.
Specs: Softcover, Landscape / 11 x 8.5”, 148 Pages

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Back and Front Cover of Our Book - Everything Else in the Universe: A Father-Son Road Trip

The Process

The process of creating the book over a year and a half was similar to how we travelled. We changed our minds frequently as to which direction to go. How many classic landscape or family portraits should be included? Colour or black and white? After much pushing and pulling, our decisions were made together, in the spirit of what the book seemed to want.


Rrampt: Father And Son Explore Everything Else In The Universe With Epic Adventure Turned Book, 2019

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CONTACT Photo Festival: Everything Else in the Universe: A Father-Son Road Trip

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