In April 2017, our family road-tripped through the national and state parks in Utah. Family sweetened our travel, and travel refreshed our familial relationships. Eight days after we set out, the others returned home, and as father and son, we continued our photographic journey in California for another sixteen days.

Like the roots of the Muir Woods redwoods, the words and photographs of a father and son team intertwine, support, and complement each other. They are further enhanced by you. It is a gift to have you join us.

The Book

10,000 photos, many stories, and many conversations later, we crowd-funded and self-published the first edition of the book Everything Else in the Universe in 2019. The process of creating the book over a year and a half was similar to how we travelled. We changed our minds frequently as to which direction to go. How many classic landscape or family portraits should be included? Colour or black and white? After much pushing and pulling, our decisions were made together, in the spirit of what the book seemed to want.

Learn more about the book, or purchase a copy.

The Exhibition

In 2021, in collaboration with Toronto's CONTACT Photography Festival, we installed the exhibition of Everything Else in the Universe in Har-Prakash's gallery-studio space, in Annan, Ontario.

See more installation shots and the catalog of artworks for sale here.
“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” — John Muir


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